Cargill Collaborates with Ever.Ag to Enhance Feed Inventory Management for Customers 

May 3, 2022 | Customer Updates

Considering themselves more than just a feed supplier, Cargill Branded Feed, focuses on consistency and reliability in serving its customers and has been in the dairy sector as a feed ingredient provider since 1996. They work hard to be a reliable and enthusiastic partner in their customer’s businesses.

For this reason, Cargill was looking for a way to continue adding value to their customers’ operations by helping them better track feed metrics.

The team at Cargill needed to have the capability to analyze data and track specific performance areas and nutrient deviations to assist their customers in finding a timely and effective solution to any problems that arise.

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“Anomalies often occur in dairy production, and we work closely with our customers to quickly find solutions to problems.”
Brady Revels

OneTrak Sales Representative

Case Study

Find Out How Cargill Enhanced Feed Inventory Management With Ever.Ag